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10 Ways To Have a Better Conversation with Anyone, including your Children!

1. DON’T MULTITASK. Be present. Be in THAT moment.

2. DON’T PONTIFICATE. If you want to state your opinion without any opportunity for response or argument or pushback or growth, write a blog.

3. USE OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS. Start your questions with who, what, when, where, why or how. “What was that like?” “How did that feel?”

4. GO WITH THE FLOW. That means thoughts will come into your mind and you need to let them go out of your mind to keep listening.

5. IF YOU DON’T KNOW, SAY YOU DON’T KNOW. Err on the side of caution. Talk should not be cheap.

6. DON’T EQUATE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH THEIRS. All experiences are individual. And, more importantly, it is not about you. Don’t be a loser.

7. TRY NOT TO REPEAT YOURSELF. We have a point to make, so we just keep rephrasing it over and over. It’s boring. 

8. STAY OUT OF THE WEEDS. People don’t care about the details but they care about what you’re like, what you have in common. 

9. THE MOST IMPORTANT – LISTEN TO UNDERSTAND! Listening is the number one most important skill that you could develop. 

10. BE BRIEF. Be interested in other people. Be prepared to be amazed.



Written by Anna A. Block

Anna A Block is an educator, entrepreneur, and a mother of three little girls ages 7 and under. She believes in a beauty and power of ordinary, daily mundane. It is where the magic happens and memories created for a lifetime. And, it takes only 20 minutes of "pure" time to tell a story, play, read, talk, make or learn something together. Anna is fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and is learning Hebrew. To know more about Anna, visit her website: AnnaABlock.com or read about her on About Us page.


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