COVID SOAP gingerbread HOUSE 2021! Easy and fun recipe but with parents on site. Hot liquid!

Posted On December 31, 2020

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How to make easy COVID gingerbread soap house at home with kids?

ATTENTION: Parents help needed with the hot liquid!


You need:



silicone forms


shaving cream (optional) for decoration

The Process:

Melt the soap in a pot and fill in the forms. Wait an hour or put in a freezer. Take out carefully and assemble with toothpicks. Decorate as desired. Recycle after. Melt the soap again and fill in the donut forms or other small forms to use daily.

Have fun!

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Written by Anna A. Block

Anna A Block is an educator, entrepreneur, and a mother of three little girls ages 7 and under. She believes in a beauty and power of ordinary, daily mundane. It is where the magic happens and memories created for a lifetime. And, it takes only 20 minutes of "pure" time to tell a story, play, read, talk, make or learn something together. Anna is fluent in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and is learning Hebrew. To know more about Anna, visit her website: AnnaABlock.com or read about her on About Us page.


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