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Created: July 19, 2020


Family Quest Studio Lab (FamQStudioLab) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that welcomes and creates high quality content for families around the globe to help share quality time together with kids through easy-to-follow tips, hacks, learning activities, stories, and play that matters.  All the families of the earth who are seeking meaningful daily living and creating positive memories at home with kids. While gathering information about the people who use FamQStudioLab.org, platforms and related sites, including social media (collectively referred to as “FamQStudioLab Sites”), we take your privacy very seriously and make every effort to safeguard your personal data. This privacy policy is intended to inform you of what information we collect, how this information is used, and Community Guidelines on how we may read and respond to your actions on our platforms at the end of this document. 

By using FamQStudioLab.org, you agree to our privacy policy. If you wish to update your personal information or any specific consent that you have provided to FamQStudioLab, please contact us using our contact form.

What information we collect – our Privacy Policy

We collect three (3) types of information:

  1. Personal information that you provide directly to us when you create an account, sign up with a subscription to FamQStudioLab or submit information through a form based on a specific request or question.
  2. Data collected automatically such as tracking information, IP addresses or other data related to usage on FamQStudioLab.org.
  3. Cookies, to help us understand what areas of FamQStudioLab.org are most useful and interesting to our audience.

We collect some information to help customize your experience based on your previous activities on FamQStudioLab.org.

Information you provide directly to us

Subscriber information

When signing up as a subscriber to FamQStudioLab’s ad-free content on FamQStudioLab.org, FamQStudioLab may collect your personal information to manage, store and process subscriber information, including your name, email address and if provided, your FamQStudioLab subscriber ID. No personal payment information is collected, as it is only provided directly to the platform provider for FamQStudioLab subscriptions where such subscriptions are available. FamQStudioLab does not collect, process or store any personal information from subscribers of FamQStudioLab ad-free content through the iOS device unless a user contacts FamQStudioLab directly.

This describes how FamQStudioLab  collects information via our subscribers membership. FamQStudioLab  may use the information to understand its users and to provide information about FamQStudioLab content and its community.

Comments and other public activities

We offer you opportunities to engage in public activities on FamQStudioLab. “Public activities” are any actions you take on FamQStudioLab.org that are designed to be visible to other users — including comments, recommendations and ratings. Your account is public by default. If you choose to engage in public activities, any personal information you upload may be read, collected or used by third parties. Please refer to the Community Guidelines about how to best take advantage of our interactive sites.

We are not responsible for any personally identifiable information you choose to submit in public forums. Information shared here may be used by others, potentially to send you unsolicited messages. If publicly posted information is not consistent with our terms of use, your content may be removed. For more information, see the FamQStudioLab.org Terms of Use. 

Non-personal data collected automatically

Tracking information for our sites

This type of information relates to how many views are counted for each FamQStudiLab content and how many times FamQStudiLab content is saved or favorited. Other areas of the sites automatically store non-personal information about the sites’ usage, popularity, and positive or negative impact. We perform statistical analyses of users of the sites, and their viewing and participation patterns, for product development purposes about the nature of our audience. 

We keep track of how often our audience engages with FamQStudioLab and do not share detailed contact information with advertisers.

Device data

We may collect non-personal information about the computer, mobile device or other device you use to access FamQStudioLab Sites, such as IP address, geolocation information, unique device identifiers, browser type, browser language and other preferences automatically collected.

We use non-personal information to help us understand how our audience views FamQStudioLab.

Data collected with cookies

Tracking usage

We use various technologies, such as Google Analytics cookies, to manage FamQStudioLab.org and track use of the content we provide, as well as may use Facebook to help us better target advertising on platforms that market FamQStudioLab offerings to their users, and the YouTube API client to allow users to search for videos on YouTube. These technologies may include:

  • standard web analytics information
  • behavioral advertising which allows third parties to collect cookies to help FamQStudioLab advertise offerings more efficiently
  • aggregated data about email click-through rates and video viewing
  • data collected through HTML cookies, flash cookies, web beacons and similar technologies
  • demographics and other details to help us customize our sites based on your preferences
  • data on view counts and video search functionality Cookies provide a mechanism for us to understand how you use the sites over time so that we can provide you the best user experience according to your expressed preferences. We do not sell this information to any third party, but may provide information to partners that assist us in updating, managing or maintaining our websites.

We use cookies to customize your experience. We do not sell data collected from cookies to any third party, but may provide information to partners to help us update and maintain our website.

Location information

We may collect and use your location data (such as your country) to provide a tailored, language-specific experience for your region, but we don’t collect any geolocation-specific data from you or your device. You can change the settings on your computer or mobile device to prevent your location data from being shared. If you wish to opt-out of tracking and cookies, please manage your privacy settings on your browser, or select other ways to turn off cookies and/or ad features.

We collect information about your location to provide you with the most localized experience possible, but never collect data from your device.

How we use your data

We use your data for limited purposes and do not sell it to any third parties. Specific uses are defined below.


We use data we collect to send email newsletters. We may also use the data to send you email communications, such as information about updates to the sites.


We may use the data to prevent illegal activities, to enforce the FamQStudioLab.org Terms of Use, or as otherwise required by law.

FamQStudioLab connects Google Analytics client ID data with FamQStudioLab user ID data so that we can create a more personalized experience for users.
Behavioral advertising

In order to help FamQStudioLab better market on third party platforms, FamQStudioLab works with third parties to collect information about your use of our website so that FamQStudioLab can provide advertising about FamQStudioLab’s offerings (such as products and services) tailored to your interests, including free educational resources and content recommendations. That advertising may appear either on our website or on other websites.

FamQStudioLab YouTube

FamQStudioLab collects and processes personal information to allow users to find videos across youtube.com and feature them in user-created FamQStudioLab PlayLists (To understand the way Google processes, manages and stores any personal information, please refer to Google’s Privacy Policy at http://www.google.com/policies/privacy

FamQStudioLab Community of Volunteers:

FamQStudioLab collects and processes personal information to:

  • review applications for individuals that want to volunteer to translate and/or review FamQStudioLab content in multiple languages
  • manage and communicate with selected volunteers once applicants are selected
FamQStudioLab collects and processes personal information to:
  • review candidates portfolios for FamQStudioLab animators, graphic designers, illustrators, and other content creators
  • contact individuals for further information if needed
  • store information on file in case it is needed in the future
FamQStudioLab collects and processes personal information to:
  • review candidates as nominated educators
  • contact individuals for further information if needed
  • store information on file in case it is needed in the future

Protect your privacy

Remember, when visiting a third-party site from FamQStudioLab, we do not control the privacy policies of other parties, so please check before browsing on those sites to ensure you agree with their terms.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, the version date will appear at the top of this privacy policy.

Deactivating target advertising

If you wish to opt out of advertising based on your browsing activities, interests and geographic location, you can opt to only receive generic advertising; for more information, please visit http://preferences-mgr.truste.com/.

To learn more about targeted advertising, please refer to the Digital Advertising Alliance on how you may opt out: http://www.aboutads.info/PMC; and/or Facebook to learn more about cookies when you are on their site: https://www.facebook.com/policy/cookies/.

FamQStudioLab Community Guidelines

We value our community for the deep participation that occurs within the comment section of each content — a commenting culture that encourages robust, thoughtful observations, feelings and insights that bring a content to life. At FamQStudioLab, we love maintaining this culture and take the discussion of content posted seriously. The guidelines below seek to protect the integrity of both.

How to leave an outstanding comment

To help you make the most of your comment, Please read Bernard Meltzer’s words of wisdom before you click Submit:

  • Is it True?
  • Is it Kind?
  • Is It Necessary?
  • Is It helpful? 

If the answer is no, maybe what you are about to say should be left unsaid. If yes, please share!

Comment removal

Although we don’t like doing it, occasionally comments must be removed for the overall health of the FamQStudioLab community. To help you avoid To help you avoid the frustrations of comment removal, here are some reasons your comment may have been removed:

  • Not appropriate for the FamQStudioLab audiences and its mission
  • Inappropriate language
  • Response to an inappropriate comment
  • Terms of Use violation
  • Monopolizing the conversation
  • Stereotypes, Biased, Polarized, Political, etc.

Our moderators are human so mistakes may happen. Please respond to the removal email you received if you feel your comment may have been removed in error. 

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