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We create easy-to-follow visuals for you to see and download. You will find StudioLabs on food, nature, wellness, storytelling and more. Created with love.

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10 Actions!

Help kids to develop their identity by doing 10 simple actions a day. Download, print, insert your child's photo and name. Act daily!

Our Story

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit started by hopeful, curious, and passionate humans of different backgrounds and origins joined together for one mission - to empower families around the globe to share quality time together.

A parent?

A Parent of children from 0 to 12 years old?
See our Visual StudioLab on parenting tips & tricks, and children’s activities.

A G-parent?

A Grandparent of children from 0 to 12 years old?
See our Visual StudioLabs for grandparents on various children’s activities.

an educator?

An Educator of children from 4-12 years old?
Our Visual StudioLabs will help you make it an ease to create an activity and support your lesson.

Take a peek at how parents around the world raise their children!

Despite our differences we have a lot in common. Parenting wisdom from around the world.

Our testimonies!

I love the 10 Actions a Day and all the visuals from StudioLabs. My kid and I tried the Oobleck science experiment. It was fun!

Denis, father of One

My 3 little granddaughters enjoyed their first hobby – fish. We got an idea from the Discovery Lab and followed its infographic. Kids loved to learn the fun facts !

Olga, grandparent of 4

I’m so grateful to find printable visual materials I can use with my child during the day. The chocolate recipe and the science behind it are one of our favorites!

Idelca, Educator and Nanny

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